Noise On Water Big Issue Again

A draft law restricting noise on Twin Lakes has been put on hold due to a manpower shortage that would render the law difficult to enforce, First Selectman Curtis Rand said Saturday. His comments came while addressing the Twin Lakes … Read More

Weed Treatment June 16

To keep invasive weeds under control, the lakes will be treated on June 16 beginning at about 1 p.m. The herbicide being applied is Tribune, also known as Diquat. This is the same treatment the Twin Lakes Association has used for … Read More

Save The Dates: Two Membership Meetings Set For This Summer

The Twin Lakes Association set its two member meetings this summer for June 18 and Aug. 6. Both will be at Isola Bella, starting at 10 a.m. The 121st Twin Lakes Day festivities will follow the Aug. 6 meeting. Please save the … Read More

Lake Health Symposiums

Water quality has always been top of mind for the Twin Lakes Association. But it is especially topical now—on a global scale as nations battle climate change and on a local scale as the Town of Salisbury wrestles with discretionary revisions to the … Read More

Pinball and Mini Golf? All Part of O’Hara’s Landing Roots

The Twin Lakes have few defining features more prominent than O’Hara’s Landing. That is largely due to the O’Hara family’s 133-year history in the area and its stewardship of the old-school marina. We examine Twin Lakes Legacies from time to … Read More

Photo Contest Winners

This year’s photo contest winner is Zac Staffiere, who snapped a bunch of beautiful pictures around the lakes over the July 4 holiday. Zac’s stunning shot of fireworks over the water took first place. More of his pictures can be found … Read More

Weed Treatment July 21

After a series of delays, the lakes will be treated July 21 with ProcellaCOR in some areas and Diquat in others. These are state approved treatments for the invasive weeds that clog portions of East and West Twin (mostly on … Read More

No Weed Treatment Today

There will be no herbicide treatment on Twin Lakes today, as was previously scheduled. Delays at the state level persist. It is unclear when the next treatment will be permitted. Please stay tuned. You can find regular updates on our new Twitter feed, … Read More

Weed Treatment Expected Tomorrow

The annual herbicide treatment on Twin Lakes is down to the wire again this year. It is scheduled for Wednesday, June 30 (tomorrow). But there have been delays at the state level and we do not yet have final approval of … Read More

Noise A Top Concern at Member Meeting

An ordinance banning music on the water after 5 p.m. might be one way to address a rising noise problem on East Twin Lake, said First Selectman Curtis Rand. His comment came at the June 19 membership meeting of the Twin … Read More