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West Twin Lake 2022 Water Quality Report

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Key Membership Dates Set

The Twin Lakes Association set its two member meetings this summer for June 24 and Aug. 5. Both will be at Isola Bella, starting at 10 a.m. The 122nd Twin Lakes Day festivities will follow the Aug. 5 meeting. Please save the … Read More

Twin Lakes 3-Year Conservation Report

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Meeting minutes March 13, 2023

Attendees:  Jean Bell, Bill Barton, Rich Haupt, Russ Conklin, Jeff Bravin, Dan Kadlec, Carey Fiertz, Danny Vogus, Erica Cohen, Grant Bogle The meeting opened at 5 pm. Membership Meeting Dates for 2023:  June 17 at 10 am and August 5 … Read More

Algae Clumps Not Harmful

The worrisome algae clumps noted on East and West Twin in recent weeks have been tested and show conclusively that the traces of cyanobacteria in the clumps are well below levels deemed toxic. Cyanobacteria occurs naturally in lakes in Connecticut. It is … Read More

AER all clear on cyanobacteria

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Algae Bloom Raises Questions

On East and West Twin Lakes the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed clumps of algae massing in the water. The Twin Lakes Association has had samples analyzed and found that these masses contain traces of cyanobacteria, which occurs naturally in … Read More

Membership Meeting Minutes Aug. 6, 2022

Twin Lakes Association Biannual Meeting August 6, 2022 The meeting was called to order by President Grant Bogle at 10:05 am at Isola Bella with approximately 50 members in attendance. The first order of business was an update on lake … Read More

Big Turnout for Twin Lakes Day

  The century-plus tradition of Twin Lakes Day saw a big turnout, thanks in large part to the planning of Justin Meyer and Sharon Aiuvalasit. The event took place Saturday, Aug. 6 at Isola Bella at 12:30 p.m., following the last … Read More

Rare Plant Study 2021

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