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Weed Treatment Likely in June

  After some frustrating delays, Connecticut regulators have promised to expedite approvals needed to treat Twin Lakes for invasive weeds. We hope to apply herbicides in June, when they are most effective in fighting the curly-leaf pondweed and Eurasian milfoil that clog … Read More

2017 Year-end Report from Solitude

Twin Lakes Data Analysis Memo, from Aquatic Ecosystem Research

East Twin Lakes 2018 & 2019 Water Quality Monitoring

Twin Lakes Historical Data Analysis and Lake Management Plan

2017 Summary Water Quality Report – East Twin Lake

Twin Lakes, Salisbury: Rare Aquatic Macrophyte Species Survey 2017

Best Practices if You Live on the Lake

This link to the Connecticut DEP provides a comprehensive best practices guide for planting, construction, septic and maintenance.

TLA Minutes June 13, 2020

TWIN LAKES ASSOCIATION MEETINGJune 13, 2020 The meeting was called to order at 10 AM by President Carey Fiertz via Zoom. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we were unable to meet in person as an association. TROOPER SORRELL: First … Read More

TLA Bi-Annual Meeting Minutes June 22, 2019

TWIN LAKES ASSOCIATION BIANNUAL MEETING June 22, 2019 Meeting called to order at 10:00 AM at the Salisbury Town Hall by Carey Fiertz, President, with approximately 60 members in attendance. First order of business concerned issue of noise from boaters … Read More