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Twin Lakes Photos, from the Spickler Family Albums

Cast of Characters in Twin Lakes Photos

Thomas Kellogg was a noted Philadelphia architect and brought his family to Twin Lakes in the summer around 1910. His wife was Antoinette Gardiner Kellogg. At first they camped out near the picnic grounds and also rented a cottage along the south shore.

Enclosed photos show their daughter Margaret Kellogg outside of her tent. Her soon-to-be-husband, Augustus Wessels, is seen splitting firewood outside that first rented cottage at a time that predates 1913.

Antoinette had a second cousin, M. Stella Bussier Gardiner who married Ed Stanley Gardiner. See a photo of Stella and Antoinette in a canoe around 1914. The Gardiner’s had a daughter Catherine who is shown in some of these early photos. The Gardiners had a cottage on the south shore (photo enclosed). Catherine’s sister was Elizabeth E. who married M. Harkness Haupt hence began the Haupt “dynasty” at Twin Lakes. Antoinette had a brother named Glenn Gardiner, he is seen in a few photos.

The Kelloggs built a cottage (at the current location of Jack Silliman’s house), in 1913 and many of the south shore photos enclosed were taken from their dock.

The Kelloggs had two additional daughters, Eleanor and Sara.

Augustus Wessels married Margaret Kellogg and had three Children, Betty, Arthur, and Peg. You will see them in a few Twin Lakes Day photos taken during the mid thirties.

As the family expanded Kellogg moved to a larger house (1922) along the western ridge top (along Cedar Crest Rd). Also Walter White married Eleanor and they built a house along that same ridge top in 1928. See a pony cart in front of those “camps” on Cedar Crest Rd.

Meanwhile Catherine Gardiner married Armond Carroll and their child was named Pat (now Pat Shues).


Please credit all these pictures to “Contributed by Ted Spickler from family albums”