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Causeway Kerfuffle

West Twin homeowner Jeffrey Keenan has begun to explore removing part of the man-made causeway that juts into the water and, at its end, houses a decaying gazebo familiar to kayakers and others who frequent that section of the lakes. His project … Read More

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Where They Stand

The race for president has commanded most people’s attention this fall. But the ballot for Nov. 3 has a local contest of interest. Two years ago, Democrat Maria Horn narrowly unseated Republican Brian M. Ohler as state representative for the 64th … Read More

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Rescue on the Lake

A kayak capsized near the deepest part of East Twin Lake after dark on Sunday, Sept. 27, and the person in the kayak was rescued when residents on South Shore Road heard his cries for help. The kayaker was alone, admiring the … Read More

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Volunteers Clear Passageway

With sticks and logs piling up between the lakes, a small group of volunteers recently spent several hours cleaning debris from the passageway. The narrow waterway flowing beneath two bridges is an important link between the lakes, allowing free movement of water … Read More

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New Website Is Live

The new Twin Lakes Association website went live at 8 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 11. We launched without fanfare because some kinks needed to be worked out and several pages were not ready for prime time. Most of that has been addressed. However, … Read More

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Treasurer’s Report

Nearly 300 Twin Lakes Association directories were distributed to members on the Taconic Green on Saturday, Aug. 22. Our thanks to membership chair Susan Knight for organizing the directory and, along with Terry Cohen and Rich & Jodie Haupt, handling the distribution. … Read More

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New Board Installed

TLA members keeping their distance at the annual meeting With 40-plus proxies in hand and a similar number of attendees, the Twin Lakes Association achieved a quorum and approved a number of changes at the annual meeting Aug. 8. The pandemic was only one … Read More

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Twin Lakes Day Canceled

Twin Lakes Day has been canceled due to the pandemic and concerns the event might contribute to the spread of the virus. But the annual meeting will be held as planned, at 10 a.m. on Aug. 8 at Isola Bella. For a look at proposed … Read More

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Annual Meeting Agenda 2020

Twin Lakes Associationwill hold its 2020 annual meeting outdoors at Isola Bella on Aug. 8 at 10 a.m., adhering to social distancing guidelines. There is a full agenda and we encourage members to attend. We need a quorum to conduct … Read More

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Rules for Annual Meeting

It sounded like a sea plane but it was a fan boat treating for weeds June 29, and the pictures below (from the marina) illustrate the results. Before After       An in-person quorum is needed at the Aug. … Read More

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