Important Dates:

Twin Lakes Association Pre-season Meeting
Saturday, June 13 @10am (Zoom Meeting)

Annual Meeting @ Isola Bella
August 8, 2020 (TBD)

Twin Lakes Day @ Isola Bella
August 8, 2020 (TBD)

twinlafecoldBoating laws strictly enforced on Twin Lakes:

1. 35 mph speed limit; 6 mph within 100' of docks, boats or shore, and ½ hour after sundown.

2. One life vest per person is required in every boat. Vests must be worn by children under 13.

3. Water ski in a counter clockwise direction. A spotter aged 12 or older must be present at all times. 

4. Running lights must be on all boats.

Department of Environmental Protection, State Police, & Salisbury Marine Patrol
Check state guide for all Connecticut rules.


Boat Rentals:

O’Hara’s Landing
254 Twin Lakes Road
Salisbury CT 06068