Important Dates:

Twin Lakes Association Pre-season Meeting
Saturday, June 13 @10am (Zoom Meeting)

Annual Meeting @ Isola Bella
August 8, 2020 (TBD)

Twin Lakes Day @ Isola Bella
August 8, 2020 (TBD)

Reports from Aquatic Ecosystem Research





East Twin Lakes 2018 & 2019 Water Quality Monitoring









Twin Lakes Historical Data Analysis and Lake Management Plan










2017 Summary Water Quality Report – East Twin Lake










Twin Lakes, Salisbury: Rare Aquatic Macrophyte Species Survey 2017









Twin Lakes Sampling Program 
DEEP: Kokanee Salmon Program:
This link provides information about the
Kokanee Salmon that swim into Connecticut
and the benefits of their arrival.

     Best Practices if you live on the lake.

     This link to the Connecticut DEP provides a
     comprehensive best practices guide for
     planting, construction, septic and maintenance.