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Twin Lakes Association Pre-season Meeting
Saturday, June 13 @10am (Zoom Meeting)

Annual Meeting @ Isola Bella
August 8, 2020 (TBD)

Twin Lakes Day @ Isola Bella
August 8, 2020 (TBD)

A Piece of Twin Lakes Past on eBay

A Piece of Twin Lakes Past on eBay 

A rather soiled little income and expense ledger turned up on eBay this past year. Our intrepid seeker of all things Twin Lakes, Betty Tyburski, spotted it.

            Recognizing many names of old TL families; she got permission from the TL Board to purchase it for us. It covers most of the years from 1905 to 1941. It seems that the seller found it at a bookshop in Maine of all places.

            The first year dues were $1.00, yet they collected enough to buy 200 perch from

The Waramaug Bass Hatch for $50.00 and have them expressed here for $5.00 more.

Dues throughout the ledger remain between $1 and $2.

            The only other recurring source of income that appears in later years is a series of August collections labeled “Vespers”. These seemed to require printed programs. The money raised was given to charities (The Fresh Air Fund and The Hillcrest School).


            The ledger now resides with the Town Historian at the Scoville Memorial Library.




Joanne Elliott, Archivist