Important Dates:

Twin Lakes Association Pre-season Meeting
Saturday, June 13 @10am (Zoom Meeting)

Annual Meeting @ Isola Bella
August 8, 2020 (10 a.m.)

Twin Lakes Day @ Isola Bella
August 8, 2020 (12:30 p.m.)

2020 proxy


Given the importance of the topics to be covered at the upcoming  August 8, 2020 membership meeting of the Twin Lakes Association of Salisbury, Inc. (the “Association”), we need to ensure that a quorum of members are present to conduct business.  However, we know that all may not wish or be able to attend and we want their voices to be heard.  If you cannot attend, please complete the Proxy below and either scan it and mail it to or text a photo of it to 860 480 8496. It is important that you either personally attend the meeting or return this Proxy before the meeting on August 8, 2020 so that the Association can conduct necessary business.

I (or we), _________________________________________-, members of the Association do issue the aforementioned Proxy to:

Check One:                               _____  Pat Miller, Secretary

_____  Carey Fiertz. 

                                                _____  Other: __________________________-(Please fill in)

at the Association membership meeting on August 8, 2020 or any continuation of that meeting.

I direct my proxyholder to vote:

1.                     _____ For                                 ____  Against (choose one):

The proposed amendments to the By-Laws of the Association as set forth in the Notice of Meeting.

2.                     _____ For                                 ____  Against (choose one):

The proposed expenditure of $10,000 for weed harvesting in West Twin.

3.                      _____ For                                 ____  Against (choose one):

The slate of candidates for Officers and Directors of the Association as set forth in the Notice of Meeting.

4.  In the proxyholder’s discretion for any other matter that comes up for a vote at the meeting.